The history of LEPL Vocational College "Modus" starts from 1958. Since that time there was a vocational school located at Bostankalaki Street in the city of Rustavi. In 1975, the school, along with its legal address, changed its status and was considered as a basic school of a metallurgical plant and admitted specialists of the profession required by the metallurgical plant itself. In 1987 the school was separated from the metallurgy and was renamed the 3rd Vocational School in Rustavi.

In 2005, the school changed its legal status again and became a professional "lyceum" in Rustavi, and from 2007 to 2008 it functioned as a "professional training center in Rustavi". In 2006-2007, the vocational training center was completely rehabilitated and equipped with modern equipment. The programs to be implemented have also been changed in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.

Since 2008, the status of the school has been defined as LEPL Vocational College and has been renamed "Modus". There are three main buildings on its territory: Educational, Household, Training workshop.

In 2014, the college was authorized for 15 professional programs.

In 2015, the college authorized 4 modular programs and in 2016, two modular programs were added.

On March 6, 2019, LEPL Vocational College "Modus" changed its name and was renamed - LEPL College "Modus".


Nowadays, Modus is the only state vocational college in the Kvemo Kartli region that provides employment for young people in line with the demands of the international labor market. College "Modus" is a successor to Modus Vocational College as Legal Entity of Public Law .